The 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014 I kimla designs

2014 has been great year and in today's post I'm sharing our top 5 most popular blog posts.

This year we gave you tips and tools to help you grow your business and learn new editing tricks. 
We are greatful for every visit, every share, download and comment. 

Take a look !

1. How to use Leaves Photo Overlays Free PS Tutorial 

2. Snow Overlays Tutorial and Freebie

3. Rose Petal Overlays and Fairy Dust Freebie

4. Winter Wonderland Photoshop Tutorial

 5. Afternoon Light Texture Collection Tutorial

Freebie 2015 Calendar Cards

New 2015 is just around the corner and it's time to collect some cute new Journaling Cards.

This set includes 12 journaling cards ( 2.9 x 4in). These cards will be great for both digital version/hybrid/traditional albums .
Personal Use only !

Free 2015 Calendar Cards Project Life

Free Christmas Journaling Cards kimla designs

My Christmas Journaling 2015 Cards - I have made them a few months ago in hopes I would be ready with my album early. I printed everything yesterday (don't laugh) and have two pages done already. They look pretty nice.

I love freebies, so one more share from me here this year, my little thank you for visiting this blog. 
I attached both digital and PDF version in the download. Enjoy! I'm off to making more festive memories x

How to use Bokeh Textures ? Free Tutorial

I'm getting many questions about how to use Bokeh Textures, so here it is a very quick tutorial. Hope you will find it useful.
I pick one, very clean edited baby picture. I change the background very quickly and gave this image more festive look. No special tricks!

This recipe has been created with PS CC, however, the rules will be the same when using any other editing program that allows using the layers (PS CS, PSE, Gimp etc.)
There are few tips at the end, be sure to check them out too.

* Tips
  1.  always use the soft brush tool and zoom your image 
  2.  textures won't look natural on the faces, be delicate
  3.  try different colours of the texture, match them with your image first
  4.  you can achieve additional effects by placing snow overlays or light overlays, just remember less is more, it shouldn't look totally fake

 Check your Bokeh Texture Collection & Snow Effect Photo Overlays and grab them now on Sale 

Winter Wonderland Collection of Snow Overlays and Fine Art Textures Freebie Fine Art Textures

Make your Winter a Wonderland this year ! It has never been so easy! Create your Winter Wonderland in just few steps! 

* Will work with any editing program that allows to use layers (PS,PSE, PSP, GIMP). 

Winter Wonderland Collection of Snow Overlays and Textures + Bonus Winter PS Actions


- 21 Fantasy Snow Overlays
from tiny first snow, snow dust to heavy and flaky overlays, everything you need to make your Winter Wonderland Magic this year !
* Snow Overlays are very easy to use : quick info how to use them has been included in your download!

- 14 Fine Art Winter Glaze Textures, extra special touch to your pictures.
* quick info how to use them has been included in your download!

-  21 Fine Art Subtle Textures
1 recipe included

***Free Fine Art Textures, low resolution only Download here

Photographers We Love, Falling Leaves Overlays

We adore these images by Ashley Campbell Photography featuring  Falling Leaves Photo OverlaysThank you, Ashley, for this gorgeous share.
Photogs you should check Ashley's work on FB now and leave her some love! You won't be disappointed!

 Do you have beautiful Fall session you would like to see featured? We are always looking to showcase your work here! Please get in touch!

You might like to check our previous post here & here! 

Wonder how to use our Photo Overlays? Please check this quick tutorial HERE. 

Winter Wonderland Free PS Tutorial adding a textures and Snow overlays.

We don't have snowy Winters here in England, well we had few weeks of white magic last year, but still it wasn't this kind of Winter which I remember from my childhood days back in Poland. But I LOVE Snow, and this year I'm going to share this magic with you all!

Winter Wonderland Collection is full of gorgeous fantasy snow overlays and high quality Fine Art Textures. I'm pretty sure you will love to play with it. You can find long specification here. Please check additional previews as well.

There is always many question about my editing, both here and my photography page, and here it is.

If you enjoy my work, please feel free to share.

Step 1.

Here is my RAW image. As always, first of all quick ''clean edit'', little more contrast and a little bit more light with the levels. Simply. There is no need to do anything else at this point. We would like to get this cold, clean look of the picture, so clean edit only, that's it !

Step 2.

I run Winter Haze PS Action ( included in Winter Wonderland collection as a free bonus). I lower the opacity of the ''Purple Haze'' layer for 63%, but really you can tweak it to your taste.

Here is how this pic looks like at this moment, there is more hazy winter light here, I quite like it, but still, this is not a Winter magic I have in my mind.

 Step 3.

Adding a Winter Glaze Textures. 

Here I picked Winter Glaze (13) & Winter Glaze (8) textures. Both on Screen mode and I lower the opacity of the first texture for 40%. As always try different looks, change the opacity for your taste. I used soft brush to erase some part of the textures over the face .

Here is how this pic looks like after Winter Glaze work - some soft textures has been added.As I mentioned before, don't  be affraid to try different glase textures, play with opacity, mix and match them.

Step 4.(optional)

Adding a Subtle Texture

I placed Subtle Texture (2) over this pic layer with the Soft Mode and 59% opacity. Love this texture so much ! She has canvas/old painting look, so this is a little extra something for my winter picture!

Do you see this little soft scratches around ? Love it.

All these Fine Art Textures can be use not only with the winter pictures. The true is you can play with them many times. I'm sure there will look great with any floral art work or any kind of portraits. I will try to blog with few more examples later on.

Step 5.

Snow, snow I need snow !

It will be super quick with our Snow Overlays! I picked Snow Overlay (8), place it over image layer with Mode ''Screen'' and that's it.

There are over 20 Snow Overlays included in this collection, so you can pick your fav one, from little first snow to snow dust and heavy, flaky overlays. Have fun !

Here is my final pic. You can now resize and sharpen for the web and you are ready with your Winter Wonderland !

Love Fall with Kimla Designs ~ Instagram Fall Photo Contest

Fall Photo Contest! We would like to see your amazing Fall pictures! Simply follow @kimladesigns and tag your pictures #lovefallwithkimla.
Contest will ends in 4 days. Few winners will get $50 GC to our Shop !

Falling Leaves...

Fall has always been my favorite season...

Photography Courtesy of MK Foto

Photography Courtesy of Mary Moua Photography

Photography Courtesy of Photo Pro Studio

If you like to share with me your beautiful Fall images, feel free to email me {}.

more gorgeous Falling Leaves here, together with a little Fall Freebie

Falling Leaves

Oh how I love to see these little falling leaves everywhere now.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with me! Be sure to check these talented photographers galleries and fb pages ( all pics are clickable).

Photography Courtesy of Sara Evans Photography

Photography Courtesy of Sara Evans Photography

Photography courtesy of Sweet Photography

Photography Courtesy of Ania Zemojtel Photography

Freebie Fairy Dust Overlay | photography design | kimla designs

Looking to add a little magical touch to your photos? You will love this free fairy dust photo overlay?

Child photography by Iga Logan Photography.

How to use Fairy Dust photo overlays? Simply place this overlay over your photo and that's it.
Please use only for your Personal work or if you are a photographer.

Download the freebie here.

Looking for more beautiful,, quality photo overlays? We are here to help.

Using our Photoshop editing tools in your work? Follow@kimladesignsphotography on Instagram tag us for a chance to be featured!

Falling Leaves Photo Overlays for Photographers

- 11 Photo Overlays png files, 300 dpi each
Will work with any editing program that allows to use layers (PS,PSE, PSP, GIMP) 

Wonder hoe to use leaf overlays?

You can mix & match them, change opacity and mode for more darker or softer look, change colors of the overlay with hue/saturation tool.

Afternoon Light Texture Collection | Photoshop Textures Tutorial | kimla designs

I love textures, I really do, and I'm using them a lot! Wonder how I edited this image?
The first thing - the SOOC. It was golden hour session, the sun was just divine, I had a lovely model to work with and believe me, this location is to die for, especially in Summer months. 

The SOOC image is "correct" but the colours are flat and this lovely sun behind the model is just no interesting.

My first steps are always clean editing, so I fixed the contrast & levels here. Still, there is no "wow" effect here.

I used Afternoon Light Textures to make this image shine. I added 5 new layers of textures over my image and played with mode and opacity a little.

1. Sweet Berry Texture - Mode: Soft light- Opacity 100%. I erased Texture over the model face and rest of the body by using a soft eraser brush.

2. Hazy Sky    - Mode: soft light - Opacity 100% and again I erased Texture over the model face and rest of the body by using a soft eraser brush.

You will see now how your image has changed. These two textures are quite soft and I decided that 100% will be just fine, but you can change the opacity for lower. Everything depends really on the image, and how you like your texture overlay to be visible.

The next 3 Texture layers will give you even more beautiful, rich, golden hour light mood. Don't be afraid to play with opacity though.

3. Golden Hour - Mode: Soft light - Opacity 100%. I used Filter/Blur/Gaussian blur/max radius blur on this layer texture.

4. Strawberry - Mode: Soft light - Opacity 100% and again I used Filter/Blur/Gaussian blur/max radius blur on this layer texture. I'm in love with the soft, warm light

5. My Extra Special Light Layer  - Warm Light Overlay: Mode: Screen - Opacity 100%

* before you merge your image, feel free to play with the layers and opacity and find what best works for you. 

* I'm working on PS CC, but these textures will work with any editing program that allows using layers (PS, PSE, PSP, GIMP)

Will work with any editing program that allows using layers (PS, PSE, PSP, GIMP)

You will find 2  additional recipes there.