New Black & White PS Actions

Annabella Black & White Collection I PS Actions
PS CS3+ & Adobe CC OK!

Collection of 25 Black & White Photoshop Actions !

From Classic BW look to beautiful film inspired BW touches !
Create beautiful  & timeless Black & White photography ! Mix and match the actions and customize them to your taste !

few before/afters

Free Post Processing Photoshop Tutorial Annabella PS Actions Collection I Special Discount I Friday Freebie

 Free Post Procesing Photoshop Tutorial Annabella PS Actions Collection

This Tutorial has been made with Adobe CC but it will work with Adobe CS3 + versions.

My base is a Clean Edit & Quick Retouching, I'm not running any Artistic Actions untill I get good Clean edit.

All  Annabella PS Actions are stackable and they won't merge your image, so after running the action you can tweak it (change opacity of the layer/layers).

Clean Edit (basic editing) from Annabella Worklflow Actions

1. Annabella Quick Edit - layer opacity 47%
2. Simply Color - layer opacity 69%
3. Soft Contrast - layer opacity 32%

Quick Retouching
zoom in your image first

1. Soft Blur- opacity 57%, soft brush 30% opacity over the forehead, chickbones and nose only
2. Lighten {brush off} opacity 52%,  soft brush 30% opacity/flow44% shadows correction, skin on the face  and eyes only
3. Spring Leaves - soft brush 50% green eyes pop
4. Rose- layer opacity 43% , soft brush 50% opacity/flow 50% -  rosy lips and cheeks
5. Sunset Mist - red hair soft brush 40% opacity - over the hair to give them more color
6. Peaches & Cream - 61% layer opacity -  soft brush over the face, fresh soft look

This is how my Clean Edit & Retouching base looks like. I'm always correcting shadows, contrast and colors first (Clean Edit) and running few Retouching Actions.

After Clean edit it's time for more creative, artistic look. I'm huge fan of colors and painting with the light in Photoshop. Annabella Collection I has been created to help you get beautiful artistic look. No more dull images!

Artistic Edit

 * Background Colors Up

First I'm using Purple Haze and Rose Actions from the Rainbow Painted Actions, they will help those gorgeous heather flowers to look even more beautiful !

1. Purple Haze - layer opacity 60%
2. Rose - layer opacity 70%

 * Special Vigniettes and Light Effect

3. Center light - layer opacity 30%
4. Soft Vigniette - layer opacity 100%
5. Gold Vigniette - layer opacity 20%

* Annabella Collection I (my fav Artistic Actions)

6. Boho Chique I - layer opacity 20 %
7. Hazy Day  layer opacity18%
8. SummerHaze I - layer opacity 44%
9. Cool Thing -  layer opacity 30%

and from the Worklflow

10. Soft Contrast  -  layer opacity 18%

Special Effects

1.Noise Reduction - layer opacity 25%
2. Selective Sharpening - eyes only, 18% layer opacity

This is how my final edit looks like ! Click here to see all Actions peek

Annabella PS Actions Collection I info here

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Collection of 56 Photoshop Actions created to make your editing easy and beautiful !
PS CS3+ & Adobe CC OK!
Collection details:
***Annabella Workflow***
- 11 Clean edit PS Actions, these non destructive, stackable Actions will make your workflow super easy and help you create great base for your artistic edit. Each of these actions is fully customizable and user friendly !
***Annabella Collection I***
- 20 Artistic Edit PS Actions, full of beautiful, rich color tones and hazes - from gorgeous golden hour tones, delicate Spring hazes, warm natural looking browns and more. Everything you ever wanted to make your images enchanted !
Each action is user friendly and stackable, you will be able to tweak each layer (these action won't flatten your image ! ) so you will get full artistic freedom with your editing. You can mix and match the actions, blend colors and tones !
***All Special Helpers***
- 25 additional actions ( Special Vigniettes, Special Light Effects, Rainbow Painted Actions and Helpers Actions)

*** 7 FREE Recipes Included ***
*** Annabella I Texture Collection
- 27 high quality artsy Textures

Free Black and White PS Action for Photographers

Levitation Photography Session & Flying Dreams Photo Overlays

Have you ever tried levitation photography ?
It was my first time and the day was very windy but still  me and my model we had lots of fun. I'm little bit scared now of all those images waiting for me to be edited, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't my last time.

My advice if you are thinking about levitation photography - hire and assistant :).

Flying Dreams Vintage Books Photo Overlays available here

Light & Colors Photo Overlays Photoshop Tutorial

Light & Colors Photo Overlays will change your images in seconds ! This is such a great unique and arsty tool, you will love play with them and create your own magic.

These overlays will work with any editing program that allows to use layers (PS,PSE, PSP, GIMP).
Tutorial below has been created with Adobe Photoshop CC.

Here is a ''before& after'' for you. The day was very windy and as usual here in England - overcast.

In this tutorial you will learn how quick and easy you can create color pop and delicate haze using our Light & Colors Photo Overlays.

1. First, I run our Spring Awakening Photoshop Actions. You can download them for free here.

April Showers + Sweet Light + Vintage Spring Action. (All these actions are stackable and they will work with PSCS3-6, Adobe Creative Cloud). I tweaked each of them by lowering opacity for 50%, but this is optional.

2. Light & Colors Photo Overlays

I placed two overlays (nr 2 and nr38), I changed mode of these layers for ''Screen''. Quick and easy ! Two steps.
*optional - I run soft blur over top light overlay and brush off some parts.

Freebie Photoshop Actions Spring Awakening

Free set of Spring Awakening PS Actions for Photographers. Each action is PS CS3+ & Adobe CC friendly and they work great both on MAC and PC.
If you are not familiar with PS Action, how to upload them and use them, please check this super short Free Tutorial hereYou can download all set here.

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