New Christmas Bokeh Photo Overlays & how to use them

Ever wonder how to quick and easy add beautiful Holiday lights into your photos ? We have a solution ! It's really super easy !

Our Christmas Bokeh Collection of Light & Stars Photo Overlays is full of magical, shiny bokeh lights !

There are 50 high quality texture bokeh overlays - beautiful holiday colors and soft bokeh, light & stars overlays + 50 desaturated overlays to get this gorgeous white winter look. 7x5in each, 300 dpi.

* * Will work with any editing program that allows to use layers (PS,PSE, PSP, GIMP)

How to use them ?

Simply place overlay on top of your image, change mode of the overlay layer for SCREEN and that's it ! You can mask off this part of the overlay layer that you don't want to see (over the person).

Perfect for your studio shots or any on location photos. 

You can mix & match the overlays to get even more uniqe looks, the possibilities are endless !

Few examples for you to see how they change the look of the photos:

Beautiful Photography Courtesy of Mily Photography