Hello December

Hello December

May your days Be Merry & Bright.

5 Best Selling Autumn Photo Overlays

We love Autumn for all beautiful colours and tones, falling leaves,  foggy mornings and pumpkin spaced lattes.

We have everything to help you create magical Autumn scenery and we are here today with our 5 Best Selling Autumn Photo Overlays

5 Best Selling Autumn Photo Overlays

 1. Falling Leaves Photo Overlays

3rd year favourite product ! Beautiful, created with real leaves, simply drag and drop photo overlays.
You won't be dissapointed.

You might like to check more examples here here & here

2. Shooting Through Branches - Fall Photo Overlays

If you love softness and gorgeous brown tones, check this pack now.
45 high quality leaf borders and just perfect for any late Summer/Fall on location pics, with brown, red or yellow tones.

3. Dancing Leaves Photo Overlays

These little dancing leaves are great for any Autumn portraits. You will love our scattered leaves for sure.

4. Bundle Painted Autumn Photo Overlays

This Bundle is huge, full of hand painted overlays, flowers and leaf overlays. Click here to see more previews.

5. Bundle Whimsical Autumn

Once again you won't be dissapointed - Autumn Light Overlays, Leaf, soft blur borders and more.
You can see more previews of this product here.

Pumpkin Patch Digital Backdrops & Overlays + Halloween Freebie

Pumpkin Patch Digital Backdrops & Overlays set

perfect for any photo manipulation work, please check Free tutorial about how to use digital backdrops here

Have you seen this Halloween Freebie yet ?

100+ Christmas Gold Bokeh Overlays

Introducing new, beautiful Christmas Collecton this week.

100+ Christmas Gold Bokeh Photo Overlays

  This Collection is just perfect for any studio shots or any on location photos. Very easy to use - You can mix & match the overlays to get even more uniqe looks, the possibilities are endless.
Learn more here.

Photography courtesy of Mily Photography

Falling Leaves Photo Overlays

Fall is here and there's no better time for some Falling Leaves offer !
Are you obsessed already with all the gorgeous Autumn colours & leaves?
We decided to update a little our best selling Fall Overlays with some new, beautiful leaves and ready to use overlays .

Falling Leaves Photo Overlays

Wonder how to use Falling Leaves Photo Overlays ?

Check our PS Tutorial here

Falling Leaves inspiration for you

more here & here

If you like to share with me your beautiful Fall images, feel free to email me {info.kimladesigns@gmail.com}.

more gorgeous Falling Leaves here, together with a little Fall Freebie!

Free Photoshop Tutorial - Enhance Colors & Light

If you love beautiful, warm editing and the golden tones in your editing check this quick tutorial below.

I'm using our newest Golden Summer Overlays.

* Free Photoshop Tutorial - Enhance Colors & Light *

1. Open you picture (SOOC)
2. Place Golden Summer Overlay (13) over the picture layer. Change mode of this layer for Screen and lower opacity of the layer for 61%.
3. Place Golden Summer Overlay (6) over your picture and use Soft Light mode here.
4. Place Golden Summer Overlay (38) over your picture and change opacity of this last overlay for the Screen.

*please note
This Free Tutorial has been made with PS CC but all the steps apply with any other software supporting layers.

Golden Summer - New Photo Overlays

Golden Summer Photo Overlays

Collection of simply drag & drop Photo Overlays perfect for any Summer pics, golden hour tones, sunny pics.

- 40 beautiful Golden Color & Light Photo Overlays (mixgolden hour tones, light, golden glitter, soft golden bokeh & more ).

JPG file, 6000x4200 px each, 300 dpi
Simply drag & drop the overlay over your pic layer, play with different modes and opacities, mix & match them to get new looks and tones ! For the darker overlay use Screen mode for warm color overlays try Soft Light mode. These are tools and you can mix few overlays, change colors, lower saturation etc.

Free Golden Hour Glow Overlay

''If you want light comes into your life, you need to stand where is shining'' - Unknown
I'm here today with new, beautiful glow light overlay and like all our photo overlays you can be sure that you will use it over and over again.

How to apply this overlay?

Simply place the overlay on top of your image, change the mode of the overlay layer for SCREEN and that's it! You can mask off these part of the overlay layer that you don't want to see!

You can read more about our Light Photo Overlay in this post.

If you are looking for some tips on shooting at Golden Hour, there is a free Photography Tips blog post here.

Download Here

You might like to check our Light Effect Collection. From real bokeh light overlays, holiday sparklers to fireflies overlays. 

{Product Spotlight} New English Garden Collection + Free Gift

This might me one of my fav Collection.

English Garden is full of gorgoues floral overlays - you will find inside wisteria, rhododendrons,  roses and pink peony flowers.

There is a free gift included with each purchase - Rainbow Bubbles Photo Overlays.

all 300 dpi, they will fit 6000x4200 px images
* Will work with any editing program that allows to use layers (PS,PSE, PSP, GIMP)

This Bundle is on Sale now, don't miss out.

Photography courtesy of Mily Photography

Freebie Friday - Photo Manipulation freebie

This Friday we are sharing free Digital Background & Little Deer overlay with you all. If you are fan of photo manipulation or composite work this freebie is just for you.

Both of the files are for Personal Use/Pro Photographers use only. Please credit Kimla Designs if you are using this freebie.

I created cute little scene with it.

We are introducing new range of photo manipulation tools this month with a first pack of Animal Overlays.

You might like to check also our Digital Backdrops collectionTextures & Overlays.

Freebie Friday - Bokeh Texture Overlay for Photographers

This week we are sharing a free Bokeh Texture Overlay.

not sure how to use our Photo Overlays & Textures ? Pleae check our Complete Guide now !

Painted Spring Photo Overlays Free Photoshop Tutorial

There are always many questions about my editing process, so once again I'm sharing my recipe with you all.
This time I picked Painted Spring Photo Overlays. There are only a few very easy steps, so please take a look.

Let me know if you have any questions. If you are using our Textures & Overlays don't forget to share your work on our Facebook Page.

Photographer Spotlight - Whimsical Spring by Julia Altork Photography

Julia Altork {Julia Altork Photography}  - her whimsical Spring is making the wait for this season even more difficult.

We are so happy to feature Julia's work here today and be able to show all of you our Spring Photo Overlays in such a talented artist work.

Artist: Julia Altork / Julia Altork Photography

5 Top Styling Trends for Spring 2016 by Kitty's Boutique

Spring is in the air.

There are some frosty mornings, still, but in the photography world, where each season starts a little bit early, the Spring is in a full swing.
Many of you busy photographers is shopping now for some gorgeous new photography props and cute little clothes for your Spring newborn sessions.

We asked Lian, one of the people behind all the beauties at Kitty's Boutique -Styled Session Props Shop, about Spring trends in styling, and we have 5 trends for you. You are going to love them!

The 5 Top Styling Trends for Spring 2016

1. Soft organic fabrics

We all know how important is the quality of photography props. The organic fabrics are a basic thing when creating props now. If you are styling a fragile newborn or little child, check if your items are made with soft organic supplies.

2. Delicate shades

The colours! Think about delicate, faded tones. From linen, organic whites, iced coffee shades, to natural looking pinks and earthy tones. Should I say more?

3. Touches of gold

Golden accents are everywhere now. They look great with natural colours, flowers, lace and pearls even.

4. Lace

Soft, organic one for sure. Something very classic and timeless. Just check this Newborn set below - gorgeous!

5. Pretty Flowers

There is no Spring without flowers - natural or paper ones, they are just perfect for any Spring session. These beautiful, handmade flower crowns and newborn halos are the perfect props.

If you are shopping for gorgeous, new photography props for your Spring sessions, be sure to check Kitty's Boutique Shop.