Complete Guide to Photo Overlays

Everything you need to know about Photo Overlays in one place.

Creative Photo Overlays are.PNG or.JPEG images that you apply on top of your image. Our overlays have been created with Photoshop CC and can be used with any other software supporting layers - PS CS+, PS Elements, Paint Shop or Gimp.

Overlays are fantastic tools and they are super easy to use!

The magic starts when you drag & drop the overlay into your image.
They can totally change the look of the image or just ad this little extra special something to make it even more enchanted. Think about a more dreamy and hazy look, more delicate colour and bokeh effect.
With overlays, you can apply all little elements your images are missing like butterflies, petals, feathers, clouds, falling leaves, raindrops, fluffy snowflakes or dancing flowers.

Are you getting into mood yet? All these gorgeous, whimsy light, delicate petals and leaves...

 Leaf overlays from a Whimsical Autumn pack

How to work with Photo Overlays?

There is no any special tricks here! Even if you know Photoshop on a very basic level, you can easily play with photo overlays!

The best results you can get when you apply each overlay just after the clean edit. Yes, please remember, always - Photo Overlays are just tools and they should be applied before all creative edit you would like to add into your image.

Open your image & your overlay first. Now simply drag & drop overlay into your image, change mode & opacity of the overlay layer if needed. 
If your overlay is saved as a png file and the background is transparent, you can keep the Normal mode of this overlay, just check if the opacity is ok - if it's too dark, just lower opacity of the layer, if it's too light, duplicate the overlay layer.
You can also rotate, change the position of the elements, make a selection and delete some or mix and match few different overlays. You can select some part of the overlay and make it more blurred, lighter or darker. The overlays should match the whole look of your image. Try not to make it fake.

Once you finished adding the overlay/overlays you can flatten your image and keep going with your creative edit (PS Actions/Lightroom Presets) and give your image desired look.

Need more info? Well, we have a few gorgeous examples for you below.

Beautiful images from this post courtesy of 

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