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5 Best Selling Summer Overlays

So happy to share our 5 Best Selling Summer Photo Overlays today.

1. Pastel Summer Painted Photo Overlays

Inspired by gorgeous Summer colours, meadows and golden hour light. Probably the easiest way to create beautiful, soft summer tones.PS/PSE friendly. You can check few before/afters here. Free Pastel Summer Tutorial Here.

2. Golden Summer Photo Overlays

Beautiful Collection of simply drag & drop Photo Overlays perfect for any Summer pics, golden hour tones, sunny pictures. Free Tutorial how to use them and enhance color & light with them here.

3. Painted Summer Photo Overlays

This pack will work great with any Summer pics {great for any on-location pics, with green or brown tones}. They will add some extra whimsy haze and softness.

4. Shooting Through Branches Photo Overlays

Loved by many Photographers. Beautiful effect and again very easy to use.You can find few before/after examples here.

5. Rainbow Bubbles Photo Overlays



Pastel Sea Free Photoshop Tutorial

Create gorgeous pastel tones in seconds with our Pastel See Painted Photo Overlays.

In this free tutorial, we are going to show you how we used few of colour & tones overlays from this pack. We are using Photoshop Adobe CC here but you can use any other software supporting layers - PSE, PSCS+ etc.

Before we start, please take a look at few examples.

These are simply dragged & drop photo overlays, so the only thing you should do here is to just place an overlay over your picture.

Here is our before/after edit and quick recipe.

 Beautiful Photography Courtesy of Iga Logan Photography

You might be interested our Painted Overlays Collection & Sky Overlays Collection.

Falling Leaves Overlays Free Tutorial

Fall is here!  I must say it's my fav time of the year, with all these gorgeous colours and light around.
 Falling Leaves  Photo Overlays are just perfect little addition to any fall images. If you like to play and use Photoshop in a more creative way be sure to check them out.

Wonder how to use these fun photo overlays? Here is my way.

This portrait has been hand edited in PS. I cropped a lot and made a simply clean editing in PS + some delicate retouch and yes I made red hair :) cause I know that my model love this colour.

 Few textures have been added as well {Golden Hour & Soft Pink Textures from Golden Hour Collection}  to give the pic more dimension and warm light. 

I love rich tones and I'm using textures a lot. You can check my previous Photoshop Texture Tutorial here.

here is how this pic looks like after my play with Photo Overlays:

I just placed few photo overlays on my picture layer and erase everything over the model's face. Here I'm using both Falling Leaves & Dancing Leaves overlays. My two top layers are Dust & Wind overlay which you will find in Dancing Leaves and Warm Light overlay from Golden Hour Collection.

When you open photo overlay file you will see that each of them has been saved on a transparent background.

PNG files will work with any editing program that allows using layers (PS, PSE, PSP, GIMP). 
This is just a tool, so don't be afraid to play with it - change the colours, opacity or light mode for lighter or darker look, mix and match them. You can create a really unique look with them. Few examples below: