Instagram Inspiration : August

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100+ Painted Leaf Overlays Collection

Introducing our first Fall Collection this week. We are getting slowly into the falling leaves and pumpkin spice latte so it's the perfect time for some beautiful Fall inspired overlays.

If you love our Pastel Summer overlays you should really check this new addition. Once again super easy to use - PS CS+, PS CC, PSE friendly, time saving tools for any creative photographer.

100+ Painted Leaf Overlays pack is full of gorgeous, ready to use overlays. Great for any on location pictures, with brown/red/yellow/natural tones.

 To view more before/afters and learn more about this collection, please follow the link here.

 Beautiful Photography in previews Courtesy of Iga Logan Photography, thank you.

Complete Guide to Sky Overlays

Everything you need to know about Sky Overlays. What are the Sky Overlays, how to use them and where to find them. No matter if you are you new to Sky Overlays or you have tried to work with them before, this Complete Guide will answer all your questions!

What are they Sky Overlays ?

Sky overlays are simply time saving tools for any photographer who like to create beautiful, eye catching images. These are high quality images captured with camera,  most of the times edited and ready to use in any software supporting layers - PS CC, PS C+, PSE, Gimp etc.

How to use Sky Overlays

Like with any overlay the whole trick is to just mix/blend sky overlay with the picture and replace, dull boring sky with something more interesting.
There is a easy, 4 steps tutorial you can follow here. It has been created with Adobe PS CC but the whole process can be repeat in any software.
In very short - place sky overlay over your picture layer, change mode of the sky overlay for Multiply, add a layer mask and mask off with the soft brush these parts of the overlay around the people or over the background. Always zoom in. You can blur your sky overlay or lower opacity of it, or even made a little color correction here. Just be creative!

How to pick the right Sky Overlay

There are many Sky Overlays and we are going to talk about it later in this post. It can be hard to pick the right one. Some colors and clouds can be just too much for our picture. Before you start the search, think about your picture first. What time of the day the shoot took place, what colors are dominant, search for light source, if there are people on your picture check how the light and shadows are placed on their faces. If horizon line is pretty tricky one, think about how sky overlay will blend with it. Sky overlay should match the picture and we are all about the most natural look possibly.

Where to find perfect Sky Overlay

You might like to check our Sky Overlays Collection for many beautiful, high quality sky overlays. These sky overlays has been collected for a few years now. We are rather obsessed with photographing skies so there are warm sunset skies, cloudy day overlays, dramatic ones and many, many more. We are sure this collection will grow.

Use ''kimlaskylove'' at the checkout and Save 30% off when buying Bundle English Sky Overlays.

There is a English Sky Overlays sampler pack available to download here.

New Sky Overlays freebie sampler, this time Summer Blue mini pack

Free Fall Mini Session Studio Marketing Template

I'm sharing Free Studio Marketing Photoshop Template this week here.

 Have you thought about Fall minis sessions yet?

This simply template can be use as a flyer, newsletter add, facebook add or blog announcement. It's very easy to modify to print in your home or pro lab and is compatible with  PS CC, CS+ and Elements 6+.

You can download this free Template here.

You might like to check our Etsy shop for more beautiful, high quality Photoshop Templates for Photographers.

How to Install Actions in Photoshop CC

There a few ways to upload/install Actions in Photoshop CC.

First, probably the quickest way is to simply double click the action file .atn and it should appear in Photoshop Actions Window palette.

You can also open your Photoshop CC Actions Window or click ALT+F9 shortcut. 
When your Actions Window is open, search for a  four horizontal lines in the right corner of the window. Click these lines and from the drop down menu select Load Actions. 

You should now search your .atn files on your computer (it's important to save your actions on some well visible location after downloading them, the files should be unziped ). 

The only thing you should do now is to click Actions file and load them. Actions should be visible on your Actions palette.

Hope you will find this short tutorial useful.

Resize and Sharpen for the Web Free Photoshop Action

Beautiful, sharpen pictures posted on the web is a must. I've been asked many times about how I resize my pictures when posting on web.

There are probably many other ways to do it, maybe better ones, but I'm keeping my resizing and sharpen simply and quick.

Download my Free Resize & Sharpen Action here.

Dramatic Edit and Sky Overlays Free Photoshop Tutorial

I have posted this before/after image few day ago on our Instagram, and since there are few people there interested to learn how I blended the sky and get this beautiful dramatic, golden hour effect, I'm sharing one more free tutorial today.

This picture is from one of my Winter sessions, this is how December mornings looks like here in England. I was pretty happy with my clean edit and all the English/rainy, foggy mood, but I thought I would try more dramatic edit.

My first step was clean edit and here I haven't done much - just change the contrast a little and boost the mid tones (opacity 30%) with Mid tones PS action from Annabella PS Actions Collection. The picture changed the look for slightly warmer already, but this is not the look I was hoping for.
For this edit I picked one of sky overlays from Scottish Sky Overlays pack. If you wonder how to use sky overlays, please check this free tutorial here.

I changed mode of the Sky Overlay for Multiply and mask off with the black soft brush some parts of the overlay (over the model, model face etc.).

To give this picture more golden hour, honey and brown look I used two actions from the Annabella PS Collection - Soft Sunshine and Warm & Rich. You can also get this look by using Annabella Golden hour PS Actions - free tutorial here. If you like textures you can check this  Afternoon Light Free tutorial here .

At the end I run free Matte Action, you can check another free tutorial how to create Matte look in Photoshop here.

Hope you will find this tutorial helpful.

How to use Digital Background in 4 Easy Steps Free PS CC Tutorial for Photographers

In this tutorial, I will explain how to use Digital background and manipulate your photo with it. I'm going to use Photoshop CC here but you can follow the steps when using any other software supporting layers.

 Here are the 4 Easy Steps 

  1. Firstly download your digital background file, unzip the folder and open file in editing software.
  2. Open your image in software and place over your digital background layer.
  3. Create masking layer & paint away these parts of the image you don't want to see, zoom it & use a soft brush for the best results.
  4. You can continue with editing or just merge both layers.

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments area.

Some examples of digital backgrounds in use. You can find more here