Instagram Inspiration - January

We are here today with another monthly Instagram Inspiration post.

Please enjoy collection of beautiful images from our main hashtag #kimladesigns.

Are you on Instagram ? Would you like to share your pics using kimla designs overlays, textures or digital backgrounds ?
Simply use #kimladesigns  or tag us @kimladesignsphotography.
 Congratulations to all featured Photographers. Thank you for sharing your work.
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White Blossom Free Photoshop Editing Tutorial

In this short Photoshop Tutorial I'm going to show you how to create beautiful, warm spring effect, using hand edit and Dreamy Blossom Overlays.

There are no expensive Photoshop Actions involved here, just few really basic Photoshop Layer adjustments. This tutorial has been created with Adobe Photoshop CC but you can really use any other software supporting layers.

 Let's get started with before and after pictures.

This picture has been shot in RAW, so it was really easy to correct white balance, exposure and highlights. I opened this picture in Camera RAW and warmed up Color Balance a little, lowered Highlights and lifted up Shadows.

After this basic correction I opened the picture in Photoshop CC.
I made few adjustments, mostly with the help of Layer Adjustment tools. I added more light, contrast and warm tones. I also made whites more whiter and bottom of the picture more darker, all with the layers tools. You can see below how my picture looked like after these steps.

I merged all layers and added Dreamy Blossom Overlays.

This is how my final picture look like.

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Freebie Friday - Be Mine Valentine Photo Overlay for Photographers

This week I'm sharing free Valentines Photo Overlay. I had a very busy week so something little this time, but I hope you will like it. If you have any freebie ideas for next week, anything Valentine's Day inspired, please let me know in the comments.

As always, this freebie is ok for any Personal & Pro Photographers work. All likes, shares and comments are highly appreciated.

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Freebie Friday - Marketing Board Photoshop Template

In today's Freebie Friday post I'm sharing one more Marketing Board Template. This template is perfect for any fb add, flyer, newsletter, mini session adds and more.

This is a fully layered PSD file. You can easily change colors of the elements, resize it etc.

Personal Use / Pro Photographer PROFESSIONAL USE

You will need basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop to make changes in templates.
If need help with templates, please check our Free Tutorials here.

You can download this Freebie here.

If you are looking for more quality, beautiful templates, you might like to check our new Shop here.
Little peek into our Valentine's Day Collection and newest Social Media Templates.

How to change colors of the elements in PS Templates Free Photoshop Tutorial

One more quick Photoshop Tutorial today, this time explaining how to change colors of the elements in Photoshop Templates.

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How to insert images using Kimla Designs PS Templates Free Photoshop Tutorial

In this Free Photoshop Tutorial I'm going to show you how to insert images in our PS Templates using clipping masks.

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How to install fonts on Mac& PC

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Freebie Friday - Valentines Newborn Digital Background

It's first Freebie Friday and I'm sharing cute little Valentine's Day inspired digital background.  Perfect for any newborn photography. As always with digital background, you can create, new, unique image in seconds.

Not sure how to work with digital backgrounds? Please check this free tutorial here

As always all comments under this post and shares are highly appreciated.

You can download this freebie here.

* Newborn Photography in preview courtesy of Mily Photography, thank you x

It's raining hearts.

As soon as we put away our Christmas decorations we are starting to think about Valentine's Day.

I must say, working on VD collection each January, helps me survive this ''longest'' of months. I guess this is a magic of hearts, rose petals and all the extra love in my mind.
So let's beat this January blues and enjoy Valentine's Day few weeks early. This little gallery will help you for sure. Each picture has been credited, so would be great if you visit each artist fb page and leave them some love and follow their work.
All overlays from our Valentines Collection can be found here.
Do you know you can connect with us on Facebook and Instagram?
We would love to see your work and our products in action so don't be shy and simply tag us there!

Instagram: @kimladesignsphotography

Facebook @kimladesigns

Photographer : Iga Logan Photography
editing tools : Red Roses Photo Overlays

Photographer : Mily Photography
editing tools : White Heart Confetti

Photographer : Mily Photography
editing tools : 100+ Valentines Bokeh Lights

Photographer : Detska Fotografia - Sandra 
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4 Reasons You Should Have a Blog on Your Photography Website

Do you have a blog on your photography website? Not sure if there is a point of having one?
I'm here today with 4 reasons your photography website needs a Blog.
Even if you are super busy photographer, with active social media accounts and many followers, you should consider to have a blog.

4 Reasons You Should Have a Blog on Your Photography Website

1. SEO . Having a blog helps boost your website SEO, for free. Good, consistent blog content, shared online is generating fantastic traffic to your website. Your website is more visible for your potential customers and if you are looking to see your website on first page of google with any local search start a blog today.

2. Personal connection. You can communicate with your readers/potential customers through your blog posts. Tell them why you are photographer, what motivates you, how you work and let them feel more comfortable with you before they hire you. You can show you not only a person behind camera, you are you.

3. Showcase your work. Having a blog gives you an opportunity to show MORE quality content. You are not able to do it in your portfolio but having a blog updated regularly, you will. There is no need to be super active with your blog post. Be selective. Always remember to show your best of bests. Think about recent sessions posts, behind the scenes posts, slideshows, mini galleries for your customers etc. All these can be easily shared by your readers/customers, for free again. I know that people love to see and share their photos from their photographer's blog. You will have great example of word-of-mouth marketing. All these content will also stay on your website, will be view many times. There are no social media algorithms here and bad quality facebook images. This is Your website.

4. Marketing tool. Blogging helps you build a strong brand and find the right customers, especially if you are just starting out. As I mentioned early, your content can be shared many times, it will give people a reason to come back and book you. You can blog about your seasonal special photography offers and events. All your blog content stay on your website and you can easily share it anytime over your social media accounts, tag other people, mention local vendors and businesses. Yes, it's more easy to network with other brands and photographers and we all need them when building and growing our business if we like it or not.

Are you still not sure if you should have a blog on your website ?

Check my free 120 Blog Posts Ideas for Photographers and start blogging today!

120 Blog Post Ideas for Photographers

Struggling to keep your blog updated? Or you just starting out and looking for a fresh new blog post ideas?
In this post, I will share my 120 Blog Post Ideas for any busy Photographer. This is a whole year of blogging or years if you are into more relaxed and selective blogging.

 120 Blog Post Ideas for Photographers

  1. All about me post.
  2. Your photography journey/how it all started.
  3. What's in my bag.
  4. My photography bucket list.
  5. What inspires you to photograph.
  6. Why I use this lens.
  7. How I edit my photos.
  8. Photography classes and workshops I attended.
  9. Day in the life of a photographer.
  10. How I plan my photography session
  11. What to do before each session-tips for parents/brides/models etc.
  12. Why I love photographing kids.
  13. Tips for parents with small kids before the session.
  14. My workplace/studio tour.
  15. My favourite locations for a family session.
  16. 4 seasons + favourite locations for a portrait session.
  17. My photography goals this year.
  18. Favourite local vendors, I worked with last year.
  19. My first photography session.
  20. Personal photography project.
  21. Photographing own kids tips.
  22. 365 photography project.
  23. 52 photography project.
  24. How to find models.
  25. Working with models tips.
  26. My favourite time of the day to shoot portrait and why.
  27. Golden hour photography tips.
  28. Mobile photography tips.
  29. How I edit my pictures on mobile phone/apps I use.
  30. My latest family vacation.
  31. Places I visited over Summer.
  32. Camera bag I can't live without.
  33. My favourite photography books.
  34. Favourite photography movies.
  35. How to feel comfortable during a session.
  36. My everyday images.
  37. A session with my dog.
  38. 10 mistakes I made.
  39. 10 best decisions.
  40. Why you should print your pictures.
  41. Where to print your pictures.
  42. Show before/after pictures.
  43. Show colour/BW version of pictures.
  44. Frequently asked questions answered.
  45. Behind-the-scene photos of you recent session.
  46. Best location for any type of session.
  47. What to bring for a session with me.
  48. My Sunday, show some personal photos.
  49. What inspires me.
  50. Best poses for family pictures.
  51. Your maternity session- what to wear.
  52. How I build my portfolio.
  53. Session idea-mood board.
  54. What I'm doing when I'm not working.
  55. Blog press.
  56. Review your favourite photography product.
  57. What I listen when editing your session.
  58. Announce upcoming mini session offer.
  59. How to choose best images.
  60. Pricing information.
  61. Who is your ideal client?
  62. Photography products I offer.
  63. My most challenging shoot.
  64. Video Blog.
  65. Blog post swap with a photographer friend.
  66. What to expect after the session.
  67. How I communicate with my customers.
  68. Best places for a romantic engagement session.
  69. Blog about safety during your session.
  70. Feature local vendor.
  71. My best images of the year.
  72. Client Testimonials.
  73. Posts about Holidays through the year.
  74. Posts about Holiday special offer through the year.
  75. Wall display examples.
  76. Favourite photography quotes
  77. Importance of being on the pictures.
  78. Quotes in pictures.
  79. Instagram and why I love it.
  80. Day in the life of a dog in pictures
  81. Memory keeping why it's important.
  82. What colours my camera like the most - tips what to wear.
  83. How I will photograph your special event.
  84. Why I love a specific type of photography.
  85. Tips for macro photography.
  86. Self-portrait tips.
  87. What I learned this year/month.
  88. Me in 5 years, my goals.
  89. Kids in motion - tips.
  90. Favourite photography magazines.
  91. Recent session.
  92. Family photography session checklist.
  93. Gift ideas for photographers.
  94. Documenting your own life, tips.
  95. How I choose the best images and create your gallery.
  96. Tutorial how-to.
  97. Photography props where I buy them.
  98. Why I'm not using photography props.
  99. Photographer I love- interview.
  100. Worst time of the day to shoot and why.
  101. My photography secrets.
  102. Run a contest or giveaway.
  103. Kids friendly locations for a shoot in your area.
  104. Make a post with the list of your previous blog post, keep a theme.
  105. How to look good in photos tips.
  106. Lifestyle photography session tips.
  107. What all parents should know before a session.
  108. My favourite themed photo sessions.
  109. How to pick photos for your family album.
  110. What you should ask me before a session.
  111. Importance of light, how I pick the right one.
  112. Things I wish I had known before the specific session.
  113. My best photography purchase review post.
  114. Travel photography tips.
  115. Recent photography crush, share your favourite photographers on Instagram.
  116. Describe your perfect session.
  117. Photography of the town I live in.
  118. Share your opinion about photography trend.
  119. Favourite thing about being a photographer.
  120. Reasons you blog.