Instagram Inspiration - February

We are here today with another monthly Instagram Inspiration post.

Please enjoy a collection of beautiful images from our main hashtag #kimladesigns.

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Congratulations to all featured Photographers. Thank you for sharing your work.

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Watch Me Edit - Digital Background Free PS CC Tutorial for Photographers

I'm going to share many short Watch Me Edit video tutorials very soon and in today's post, I'm sharing free Digital Background tutorial.

As always I'm using Photoshop CC.

Have you downloaded our latest freebie yet? This cute butterfly background can be found here.

Beautiful newborn photo courtesy of Mily Photography.

Watch Me Edit - In Bloom Overlays Free Photoshop CC Tutorial for Photographers

In this video tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create beautiful, soft, pastel effect using our newest In Bloom Photo Overlays Collection. This tutorial has been created with Adobe Photoshop CC, but all the steps can be easily followed when using any other software supporting layers.

In Bloom Overlays are super easy to use so this video will be short. You can read more about this collection here. I also tried to answer all frequently asked questions about our Painted Photo Overlays in this post.

In Bloom Overlays are inspired by colours of Spring and Easter meadows. You will find inside 50, high quality painted overlays - soft floral borders and painted tonal overlays. There are also few white little falling petal overlays and very soft hazes.

Please watch this short video tutorial and let me know if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me or post them in the comments under this post.

5 Reasons You Should be Shooting in RAW

In this post, I will explain what is the RAW file and why you should be shooting in this format.

Let's start with a quick definition.

RAW is an uncompressed file format that captures all data recorded by the sensor of your camera. It's like negative in film photography, the RAW file is a negative in digital photography. 

When I first started shooting in RAW, it changed dramatically the quality of my work. I've never shot in JPG since.

Why You should be shooting in RAW?

Here are my 5 Reasons :

1. Quality and better details.
2. White Balance correction.
3. Exposure correction.
4. Sharpening and noise reduction.
5. Better Workflow, you can always back your original RAW files.

Photoshop Painted Overlays FAQ's Answered

In this post, I will try to answer few frequently asked questions about our Painted overlays and give you few tips which should be helpful when using them.

1. Why these overlays are called ''painted overlays''. 

When we created our first pack of painted overlays we thought that this will be the best name. Each of your overlay has been digitally painted, there are many layers of colours, some elements created either with real petals, flowers or leaves or painted in Photoshop. We had this idea of creating very easy to use tools that would help to achieve rather complicated, painted effects. We created them pixel by pixel so you can create this unique, artistic look. Each painted overlay is a mix of realistic elements, soft, delicate borders or colour tonal overlays.
You can be really creative with them and like an artist painting on the canvas you can paint new, beautiful effects using Photoshop.

2. What software do I need to be able to apply painted overlays?

All our editing tools have been created with Photoshop CC but can be easily used in any software supporting layers - PSCS+, PSE, Gimp and many more.

3. How to hide some parts of the overlays from the photo?

 I like to add new layer mask over painted overlay and simply mask off these parts I like to hide. I'm always using a very soft brush.

4. Can apply few overlays in one photo?

Yes! These are creative tools, so you can mix and match few overlays, change colours by using hue and saturation tool, change the opacity of the layer, anything goes really.

5. Can I use these overlays in my studio work photos?

If you feel that these overlays will help your photos from the studio session go for it, however, we created them mainly for the natural light, on location photos. There are Painted Meadows pack, Painted Leaf Overlays, Painted Summer Overlays to name only a few. They work best with photos with shallow depth of field, which has been clean edited and colour corrected first. So if you are planning to purchase any overlays from this collection please have these in mind.

These are just tools and what will work with some type of photos it can be good for other. You will find many before & after examples + product previews in our shop, please check them out.

6. I'm not familiar with painted overlays, do you have any tips?

Be creative and don't be afraid to play with these overlays. Think about them as an addition to your photos only, little extra something which makes them unique.
Always keep colour palette of your photo in mind and try to match painted overlay with it. Think a rather soft look than harsh and heavy edit.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions about Painted Overlays.
Learn more about our Collection here.

Thank you Iga Logan Photography for beautiful photos in the previews.

Product Spotlight - In Bloom Spring Painted Overlays

We are releasing new beautiful Spring overlays this month and I hope you will love them as much as our last year's overlays.

In Bloom is full of soft painted floral borders and tonal overlays. These are truly the easiest way to create delicate, colourful, painted effects.

As always these simply drag and drop overlays and can be used in any software supporting layers. They work the best with photos with shallow depth of field, which were early edited / colour corrected.

We tried to keep very Spring & Easter inspired colour palette when creating these overlays, but all these can be easily changed in layer adjustment panel.

If you are not sure how to use overlays and would like to learn more about these Photoshop tools, please check our free Complete Guide to Photoshop Overlays.

Thank you Iga Logan Photography for beautiful photos in previews.

To learn more about In Bloom overlays and to see more before & after photos, please follow the link here.

13 Tips to Improve your Photography Quickly

Whatever you are professional photographer or someone who just bought your first camera and enjoy being full time amateur, these tips should help you bring your photography skills to the next level.

  1. Shoot daily. That's it. Even few pictures or only one everyday.
  2. Take your camera everywhere.
  3. Find the good light. Try shooting in different time of the day learn what light is the best for you. Shoot in shade and full sun. Fall in love with soft morning light and gorgeous golden hour tones. You will learn quickly that in photography everything is about the light and finding the most beautiful is not always easy.
  4. Be Inspired. Visit museum or art gallery. Read books about photography or watch movies about it. Visit online photography galleries and be inspired by other photographers work. If you don't have Instagram account, create one today.
  5. Shoot Manual mode/know your gear. Have you read your camera manual yet? Yes, you should get out of Auto mode as soon as possible and learn your gear. Your camera won't take a good picture for you. Learn about setting proper exposure, white balance, focus and always think before you take a picture.
  6. Shoot in RAW.
  7. Learn. Buy some books about photography or editing and learn from them. Find good online photography tutorials or join photography groups on facebook. Invest some money in photography workshop and learn from other photographers. Always be open minded and learn always.
  8. Know the rules and break them.
  9. Try different lenses.
  10. Learn editing. Learn Lightroom or Photoshop or both of them.
  11. Share your work and be open to critique. Don't be afraid to share your work with other photographers and be open for advice or critique.
  12. Experiment and don't be afraid. Don't stuck with one type of photography or editing style. Try new techniques and learn.Creative freedom in capital letters always.
  13. Have fun.

Freebie Friday Butterfly Digital Background for Photographers

Hello on Friday! We are sharing today beautiful Butterfly digital background with you all.

If you are not familiar with digital backgrounds and you are not sure how to add your photo to it, check our free 4 Easy Steps Digital backgrounds Tutorial Here.

As always all comments and shares of this post are highly appreciated.
You can download this freebie here.

Newborn photography courtesy of Mily Photography.