Shooting Through Blossom Overlays and Quick Tutorial

How beautiful is Spring! Not too long and we all can enjoy blossoming trees and meadows full of flowers. You know that we love all the floral overlays and painted effects. One more addition to our Shooting Through Overlays this month.

Shooting Through Blossom Overlays has been created with all beautiful Spring portraits in mind. There are 50 overlays in this pack - both pink and white blossoming branches inspired effects and elements.

How to apply these overlays?

Simply place the overlay over your pictures layer, you can stay with the Normal mode of the layer or change the mode. For more subtle or bold look you can lower the opacity of the overlay or duplicate the layer. You are free to mix few overlays etc.

Free Complete Guide to Photo Overlays can be found here.

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Shooting Through Glass Overlays and Quick Tutorial

If you are a fan of light effects, bokeh or prisms you will love this new Collection.

These overlays are 100% in-camera made. I used quality prisms and few glass pieces to create the best realistic effects. Hope you will enjoy this pack.
I absolutely love to apply them to portrait!

Please check few before/after photos. As always these overlays are very easy to apply. Each overlay can be easily adjusted for a more subtle or bolder look. You can apply them following drag & drop method - just don't forget to change the layer mode from Normal to Screen.

You can learn more about Shooting Through Glass Overlays here.

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Freebie Friday Cherry Blossom Overlay for Photographers

It's been a busy week here on our Blog but I don't forget about Freebie Friday post. Hope you will enjoy this free photo overlay.

This overlay is a sampler of our Cherry Blossom overlays, it's smaller but still work perfectly with any Spring portraits.

Here is my before/after picture. If you wonder how this photo has been edited, how to use photo overlays, please check our free Watch Me Edit Tutorial here.

You can download this free Cherry Blossom sampler here.
As always all comments and shares of this post are highly appreciated.

Watch Me Edit - Spring Portrait Photoshop CC Tutorial

One more Watch Me Edit Tutorial and this time a little bit longer and maybe more complicated. I tried to use some very basic editing techinques and show you how I retouched and color corrected this Spring portriat.

This tutorial has been made with Adobe PS CC.

I'm using hand edit mostly + few PS Actions from Annabella Collection + Cherry Blossom Overlays.

All About In Bloom Photo Overlays

We love In Bloom Overlays and if you are looking for a beautiful, painted Spring photo overlays you should really check this new collection.

If you are not familiar with photo overlays and painted overlays you might like to check our Photoshop Painted Overlays FAQ's Answered post here.

This collection has been featured on our Blog a few days ago and if you are a fan before & after photos, simply follow the link here.

There is also free Watch Me Edit Photoshop CC Tutorial, so you can see how to apply In Bloom Overlays.