Free Summer Digital Background for Photographers

In today's post, I'm sharing beautiful Summer digital background with you all.

If you are not familiar with digital backgrounds, not sure how to manipulate your photo with them, here is a quick, 4 steps Photoshop Tutorial.

But there are many ways of extracting a subject from the photo, some are more effective than others. A few months ago Adobe revealed a new fantastic tool 'Select Subject' which let you select the subject in an image with one click. You can read and learn more about this powerful way of extracting on Adobe website here.

I used Select Subject tool to extract this cute little baby boy from the photo. After that, I used 'copy and paste' shortcuts and 'placed the boy' into the background layer added a little bit of shadow and my photo manipulation was ready.

* Child Photography courtesy of Iga Logan Photography

You can download this freebie here.

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50+ Freebies for Photographers

This is probably the biggest collection of Freebies for Photographers around the web. As you know we love to share free, good quality product samplers and little free editing tools here, so I thought this is the perfect time to have them all in one place.

In this collection, you will find free PS Actions, Photoshop Creative Overlays, Textures, Sky Overlays, Digital Backgrounds, and Photography Templates. Some of them have over 10K downloads, so I really hope you will find this post useful.

50+ Freebies for Photographers

The list is growing, you might like to check our Best Freebies for Photographers list here.

Not sure how to get started with Photoshop Overlays, Textures or Digital Backgrounds or you need help with editing? 

Free Glitter Overlays this week only

We are introducing first Summer product this year and to make it even more special we are giving it away, for free!

New beautiful Summer Glitter overlays, free with each min $25 purchase! This offer should be accepted at the checkout and the product will show in your cart and in your download.
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Few before/afters for you, all the glitter is from the newest pack.

Tulips Digital Backgrounds for Photographers ~ Freebie and Photoshop Tutorial

It's Freebie Friday and I'm here today with the free digital background for you to enjoy. 

There is a pretty simple way to use digital backgrounds. First of all, download your digital background file, unzip the folder and open the background in editing software. You can use any software supporting layers - PS, PS CC, PS E, Gimp. Open your image in Photoshop and place it into the digital background. Now create masking layer & paint away these parts of the image you don't want to see, zoom in and use a soft brush for the best result. This is the easiest way to extract anything from the picture, however, if you are using Photoshop on the more advanced level you can use any other technique. At this moment you can continue with editing or just merge both layers.

There is a new Spring Digital Background Collection available in our shop this week. 

You can download Tulips Digital Background here.

Free Gift ~ Hello May

Hello in May.
We decided to celebrate this new month in style, starting with Storewide Sale and our first Free Gift with purchase this week.
We are giving away our new English Orchard vol.2 Bundle pack with each min $40 purchase. {offer should be accepted at the checkout}

We like short time offers and this one is available for the 20 first customers only, so if you are planning blossoming orchard session or you are looking to update your collection of overlays, this is the best time to shop.
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If you are not sure how to use Photo Overlays we created a quick Guide to help you get started. Check it here.